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Plastic surgery

Thigh Liposuction

Thigh liposuction procedures, can dramatically improve the appearance of your legs. Would you like tighter, more youthful looking legs, with a leaner, more firmer look and feel? If so, you may benefit from thigh liposuction services and thigh lift surgical procedures.

For many individuals, they have experienced significant or dramatic weight loss, resulting in legs that have a saggy or loose look. Thigh lift services can easily help patients achieve the look they had in mind when they decided to lose weight. Congratulations to you for losing the weight and taking the time and dedication to look and feel younger. Now, let us perform thigh lift services for helping remove skin that has lost its elasticity, ultimately improving the overall appearance of the thigh area. It's a safe, proven and highly effective procedure that is undertaken by thousand of individuals across the United States every year.

The thighs can be divided into medial and lateral. If there is solely excess fat then liposuction may be all that is needed to be performed. Otherwise if there is excess skin, a medial thigh lift is needed. The medial thigh lift can be performed with two different incisions. If there is only laxity and drooping of the inner thigh skin then a horizontal incision may be used to remove the loose skin and the incision is well hidden in the groin area. If there is excess skin along the entire medial thigh down to the knee, then a "T" lift thighplasty will need to be performed which involves the incision in the groin as well as one along the inner aspect of the thigh.

The lateral thighs are commonly addressed in a similar fashion either with liposuction or with an excision procedure. However, the lateral thighs are common addressed as a unit with the buttocks which comprises a body lift, butt lift or also called lower body lift. This involves an incision from one side of the hip to the other similar to an abdominoplasty but performed on the lower back area just about the buttocks. The lateral thighs and buttocks are lifted and excess skin is removed from these areas.

Notable benefits of thigh liposuction and thigh lifts include the following:

• Tighter, firm look and feel in your legs, especially noticeable in your inner thighs.

• An enhanced look that gives your legs a much more youthful appearance in shape and size.

• Minimal downtime and a surgical procedure that has been performed by board certified plastic surgeons for many years.