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Plastic surgery

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction services, can significantly reduce a women’s breast size for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Many women with large breasts can experience pain in the neck, back and shoulders. Moreover, from a cosmetic perspective, large breasts can also make many women feel uncomfortable, breast reduction techniques can greatly alter the shape and size of a women’s breast, giving them more confidence and self-esteem, while creating a look and feel that is natural and appealing to a women.

Breast reduction is performed as an outpatient surgery, done under general anesthesia. we utilizes either the lollipop (vertical) technique or the wise pattern (anchor) technique for the reduction. The type of technique used depends on how much of a reduction and lift is required. The surgery involves the removal of excessive skin and fat along with glandular tissue. This type of surgery is quite popular with women as it results in smaller, firmer and better shaped breasts. Breast reduction services are also offered for men who are seeking to reduce and firm up the size of the male pectoral area.

We will provide you with guidance and recommendations on which type of lift to ultimately use.